Sunday, December 18, 2016

16 Photos From Iranian Famouse Artist, Before And Now

Ebrahim Hamedi known better by his stage name Ebi, is an Iranian singer.
Ebi is a Persian artist hailing from LA. He was born in Tehran, the eldest of six siblings. During a series of planned concerts in the United States, Ebi, due to the revolution of 1979. Ebi in a concert at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, June 2014
He left Iran before the Islamic Revolution;. He has performed his Iranian nationalistic song "Persian Gulf" that makes reference to the Iranian stand in the Persian Gulf naming dispute. Among other "politically charged" songs, Tasmim critically addressed the very controversial 2009 presidential election. Throughout his 50-year career, Ebi has released over 20 albums, and closer to 100 singles, performed sold out shows across the world, and continuously released an endless string of hits. Wikipedia

1. Mansoor


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