Monday, December 19, 2016

9 Body Odor foods Causes

2. Red Meat
Red meat requires maximum digestion effort for your body to process. Over-eating will lead to issues liker perspiration and unwanted sweat. While vegetarians might not have such issues with their limited food intake, fenugreek and other strong flavoured plants cause similar results.

3. Alcohol
Chocolate, soda, tea, coffee, alcohol - consuming any of these in excess causes body odour as when you drink them atleast 10% of it will be left unprocessed causing perspiration. Excessive alcohol, in particular, may cause body odour.

 4. Junk Foods
Excessive consumption of junk foods with next to no exercise routine, will lead to accumulation of fatty cells inside your body which is the chief reason behind sweating and BO. They lead to unwanted breath and body odour as the food takes longer than their healthier counterparts to get digested. Foods high in hydrogenated oil, sugar, flour, salt and so on are not good when consumed in excess.

5. Low Carbs
A diet which does not contain carbs can lead to a greater release of sweat in the body and also excess of protein foods. This process leads to a release of chemical called ketones in your bloodstream which lead to unwanted smell.

6. Dairy Products
Again, dairy products are rich in protein and high consumption of these food items will take longer for your stomach to digest them. Excess consumption of dairy products can lead to release of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan in the body which can easily trigger off a foul smell.

7. Tobacco
We all know it. When the smoke of cigarettes mingles with other sweat glands in the body it'll lead to a release of a distinctive smell which leads to a specific 'smoker' smell that lingers on everything from clothing to hair.

8. Cruciferous Vegetables 
Though high in potassium and packed with antioxidants, some vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, contain sulfur which is a chemical that naturally has a bad stench, and will intensify your odor when released through sweating, breathing, or, um, gas, after digesting. 

9. Fish
Fish is highly beneficial to your health and contains ample amounts of omega-3s the “good” fat you want to pack into your diet. 



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