Friday, December 16, 2016

4 Ways to distinguish pure honey

2. flame test
Dip the cotton wick of a candle to a bit of honey. Shake of the excess. And light the wick with a lighter.
Pure honey- The wick burns.
Impure honey- The water content in the honey prevents it from burning. Crackling sound can be heard.

3. Cloth test
Pour a few drops of honey on a cloth. Then wash it off.
Pure honey- No stain remains.
Impure honey- Stain remains.

original honey has various textures and colours but 2 things you should look out for them:
1. Original honey sinks to te bottom of the jar when poured into water.its denser than water and doesnt mix easily.
2. if u put some original honey on a broom stick and put it in a fire, it burns brightly with even a little spark

1. If you dip your finger into the honey try to drop one or two drops on the ground, if it is pure honey it will go down like a thread without breaking.

2. Pour water into a cup then pour some quantity of honey if it is pure honey it will go down to the bottom of the cup without mixing up with the water except if you stir it.

3.  Dip a stick of matches into your honey and strike it if it is pure honey the matches will burn even the honey will act as a fuel while burning.

4. Drop some on the sand if it is pure honey it will not sink immediately.

As a professional beekeeper with experience, I want to say categorically here that pure honey attracts ants honey contains sugar and it is sweet it is an erroneous belief that ants will not come near honey, even the bee hives in the farm are threatened by ants that wants to take over because of the sweet odour they are perceiving.


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