Saturday, December 31, 2016

23 Photos From Manizhe Karimi, Iranian Actress And Model

Manizhe Karimi is an Iranian actress and model based in India.] After working on several successful modelling projects around the world, she appeared as a lead actress in the Bollywood film, Bhaag Johnny. She was also the second runner up in the popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss 9. Karimi was born in Tehran, Iran, into an Islamic family of mixed ethnicity. Her father, Reza Karimi, is an Indian and her mother, Saba Karimi, is an Iranian. She was raised in Tehran. She said in an interview, "I was born in a conservative Muslim family and while growing up, I was very shy and quiet. I studied art. I used to spend most of my time in my room playing around with papers, cameras and colours. Wikipedia

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