Thursday, January 12, 2017

31 Amazing Benefits Of Nettle For Your Health

2. Relieves neurological disorders like MS, ALS and sciatica

3. Destroys intestinal worms or parasites
4. Supports the endocrine health by helping the thyroid, 

5. spleen and pancreas
6. Reduces hypertension
7. Helps with respiratory tract disease
8. Supports the kidneys
9. Helps with osteoarthritis
10. Alleviates diarrhea
11. Helps with gastrointestinal disease, IBS, and 12. constipation
12. Reduces gingivitis and prevents plaque as a mouth rinse.
13. Reduces gingivitis and prevents plaque when used as a mouth wash.
14. Helps asthma sufferers
Stops bleeding
14. Reduces inflammation
15. Reduces incident of prostate cancer
16. Minimizes skin problems
17. Eliminates allergic rhinitis
18. Lessens nausea
19. Cures the common cold
20. Helps to support the adrenals
21. It helps with diabetes mellitus
22. Strengthens the fetus in pregnant women
23. Promotes milk production in lactating women
24. Relieves menopausal symptoms
25. Helps with menstrual cramps and bloating
26. Helps break down kidney stones
27. Nettle stimulates the lymph system to boost immunity
28. Nettle relieves arthritis symptoms
29. Nettle promotes a release from uric acid from joints
30. Parts Used: Leaves, stems, and to a lesser extent root
31. Constituents: formic acid, mucilage, ammonia, carbonic acid, water

Attention: To avoid any potential allergies or interactions with your current medications, please consult a pharmacist or your doctor before taking the herbs.



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