Monday, January 23, 2017

18 Photos Women With The Longest Legs In The World

A long-limbed mother-of-two is challenging the current Guinness world record holder to claim the title of the world's longest legs.
Caroline Arthur, a former model who lives in Melbourne, has legs that measure a whopping 51.5 inches from hip to heel.
The 39-year-old said: 'I believe that they are definitely the longest in Australia and, as far as I know, in America too.
'The lady in the Guinness Book of World Records (Russia's Svetlana Pankratova) has legs that are 51.9 inches long so it's quite close.
'Because it's so close I think it is worth contacting them and finding out exactly where they measure from and getting an official, accurate measurement done.' Source

6. Anastasia Strashevskaya: 42 “


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